About Master Boon

Feng Shui Master

An anointed Master in the Yap Cheng Hai lineage and holder of the Yap Cheng Hai lineage, I am an internationally renowned Master of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

I am passionate about transforming people’s lives.  I enrich people’s lives through transforming their living and work spaces into prosperous places.   I am also known for improving people’s health and vitality through working with their breath, body and mind and through Yanshougong the Art of Longevity.

Finding the Feng Shui Master you Deserve

Finding an appropriately trained master practitioner in the Western World isn’t easy.

The growing acceptance of Feng Shui has created an equal growth in Feng Shui practitioners in the West.  Because the traditional Chinese way of passing ancient esoteric wisdoms like Feng Shui through the lineage is by the Master-Disciple system, this often means the mysterious knowledge is not made readily accessible and available in the West.  Master Boon Yap’s father, Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, was the first to break this mold by revealing this secret and sacred knowledge.

Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai was a well respected scholar, teacher and practitioner of Feng Shui and amalgamated Feng Shui from the different wisdom schools into one system.  He was the first who taught in the early 1980’s the practical system to lay people and practitioners in the West.  His client and the writer Lillian Too then made Feng Shui a global household name.

Although Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai transitioned in 2014, he traditionally passed on all his knowledge to his children but only his daughter Yap Hwee Boon he officially anointed ‘Master’ and charged to continue his Vision to perpetuate the wisdom tradition through teaching future practitioners. (link to my Certification).   

Master Boon is based in New Zealand.  She was schooled in Western Scientific education system having obtained a Master of Science (MSc.) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, as well as led a successful life as an international business consultant in the field of biomedical technology.  

Just imagine if right now, Master Boon could check out your home, work space, your place of business, built space and remove or remedy most of the bad energy, whilst optimising the good Qi forces.  Master Boon could have you living in a peaceful and supportive environment so that everyone in your family would thrive for generations, wouldn’t that put your mind at rest?

Entrust your prosperity in the hands of a true Master and one of the most capable, learned, and practiced experts in the original wisdom practice.

Selecting your Feng Shui Master

Selection of the appropriate Feng Shui master is one of the most important Feng Shui decisions you will make in your entire Feng Shui journey. There are many self-proclaimed masters that can present highly professionally, so who to select? 

Not all Feng Shui practitioners are good practitioners and not all practitioners from a respected lineage are great practitioners.  The same as not all graduates in medicine become good doctors and not all doctors from a reputable institution like Harvard Medical School are great doctors.

Find out the practitioner’s source of knowledge – where or whom did they learn from?

Try to discern if the practitioner has learnt the knowledge well – quality of their writings and depth of explanations 

Determine if they are proficient in applying their knowledge – look for feedback from satisfied clients especially endorsements from credible and reputable people.  

One of the first things to look for is the person offering the advice or service.  Be very suspicious if you cannot find a name and a person behind the name.  Feng Shui can have immense effect in a good and in a bad way.  Can you trust the advice will work favourably for you not knowing who is giving it?  Would you ask for any professional advice without knowing who is giving that advice?  

Second is to look for their credentials; the source of their knowledge, who is their teacher, what school and which system do they use?  In a wisdom practice such as Feng Shui, where the practitioner can name their teacher or master or they are acknowledged as a student via a certification system, are important ways to validate the practitioner’s authenticity in belonging to a lineage or at least an acknowledged reputable source.  

If exists, look for professional endorsements from real and credible people is a good way to discern the practitioner’s reputation.  Find out as much about the person behind the offer of the service.  

If the above information is all available, that is a good start, if lacking, be suspicious.  Ultimately, listen with your heart and sense with your gut and you will find the master you deserve.

Finding the Feng Shui Master you Deserve

Entrust your prosperity in the hands of a true Master and one of the most capable, learned, and practiced experts in the original wisdom practice.

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