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Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your home?

Is your home and family life in need of refreshing?

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Master Boon can help with Feng Shui in residential spaces

Is your home truly a home that can provide you with a sense of peace and well-being, where everyone in the family gets along harmoniously or do you come home to a place of added irritation, stress, quarrels and disharmony.

Accounts dating back 5000 years show the spatial layout of your home can influence how well you sleep, how clearly you think, how well you relate to people, your vitality or state of health and prosperity.

The difference between a life of balance and one of calamities can simply be due to the Feng Shui of your home and how it suits you personally and for each member of your family individually. 


Have you ever stopped to think of the impact these spaces and the prevailing energies have on your health, wealth and overall wellbeing?  

Have you ensured that these spaces are not only conducive, but more importantly, help you and your family reach your highest potential? 

Your home can be responsible for your current financial situation, state of health, mental and emotional wellbeing, harmony with your love one, connection with your children, and relationships in your personal and work life

So are you going to leave your wealth and welfare of your loved ones to chance?  

Your well-being is determined by how favorably your home is laid out in relation to the energies of the external environment and energies in the internal built-space.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Residential Benefits

The benefits of Feng Shui can be truly powerful and extensive, affecting all aspects of our life.

he natural energies in the environment (“Qi”) can be manifested powerfully or moderately depending on how they have been activated or subdued by its spatial orientation both inside and outside.

Qi can effect:

  • Material/financial wealth
  • Health and vitality
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Harmony or dissent
  • Academic and analytical prowess
  • Awareness and state of mind
  • Creativity and Intuition

Feng Shui as practiced by the expert consultant can harness these energies and

  • Create wealth and abundance
  • Improve academic and analytical prowess
  • Improve fortunes and brighten your future
  • Enhance and strengthen harmony within your family and other personal relationships
  • Encourage connectivity within the family, and bridge the generation gap
  • Overcome obstacles and decrease stress
  • Boost good health and enhanced wellbeing
  • Improve career prospects
  • Attract your relationship match
  • Bring back intimacy and reinvigorate romance in your life
  • Help achieve fulfillment and inner peace
  • Lessen worries and enhance restful sleep

The ultimate goal of a competent Feng Shui expert is to optimise the benevolent Qi and avoid the malevolent. 

Master Boon will always enquire of your specific needs first, and regardless of the complexity of the situation, in her wisdom she will always find the solution to optimize the Feng Shui to suit every member of the family.

A client from 15 years ago.  At that time, she called me primarily to help with her young boys (pre-teen) who were easily distracted and not paying attention to their school work.   The Feng Shui energies were such that required me to swap the boys’ rooms with the other and I arranged their bed and desk positions, among other solutions provided to the family. We recently reconnected and this was what she texted me.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Who Can Benefit

Many successful people throughout the world have been living with Feng Shui principles to ensure health and prosperity for their personal and business lives. 

Anyone can benefit as long as they have access to the right Feng Shui advice, so make sure your practitioner is from the original wisdom of traditional real Feng Shui.

Remember Feng Shui is specific to the individual, so to get the most benefit from Feng Shui you need to have the energies tuned personally to you and people residing in that space.  

The following can benefit from Feng Shui:

Home owner

  • As long as the dwelling has been oriented according to real Feng Shui principles, the benefits (link to Benefits page) will accrue to you and your family members. 


  • Even if you don’t own the home you are in, engaging and living with real Feng Shui principles will bring you tremendous benefits.  

Real estate (Investment) property owner

  • As long as real Feng Shui principles have been applied to your property that suits you personally, your property will be:
  • Easier to let 
  • Fetch a higher rent
  • Attract and retain good quality tenants
  • Attain a better price upon resale.  

Architects, designers, builders and professional renovators

  • If you are designing and/or building then incorporating real Feng Shui principles from inception will bring the greatest benefits because you can design the closest to the ‘perfect Feng Shui’ home.  

Real Estate Agents

  • Feng Shui principles can be applied to sell a property at a higher price
  • Knowing Feng Shui will help you better service clients who are familiar with Feng Shui. 

Have you had clients who totally reject the property you’ve proposed to them or just walked in and turned around and walked out of another?

To ensure the best possible Feng Shui advice, consult a formally trained practitioner from a recognized lineage, trained in the original wisdom tradition.

Consultation in Taranaki 

Just received this 2 weeks after my visit with clients in New Plymouth. 

They built a new house five years ago, thought of incorporating Feng Shui but didn’t. Signs of health problems prompted the call. Sure enough, there were design issues that brought on high blood pressure which they now need to structurally correct. 

Incorporating Feng Shui into the build not only saves redo costs but also saves unnecessary suffering. Have you heard of Feng Shui before? Let us know below 👇

"We wish we had met you 5 years ago!" "We have commenced action on some of your recommendations, and intend to work through on them all. All positive outcomes at this early stage thanks.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultancy

Experts from ‘Feng Shui for Enriching Lives’ provide a comprehensive Feng Shui consultancy to help you create your dream home. Generally we prefer to be involved as early as possible in any real estate consideration. However, it is never too late to incorporate Feng Shui design.  Even if you have been living in your current home for a number of years and suddenly realise that you can still benefit from Feng Shui, our experts can assist you here.  

We offer a range of Feng Shui services, whether you are building new, moving, renovating or just wishing to incorporate Feng Shui into your existing home.  In all cases, our Feng Shui experts work very closely with our clients from beginning to end, including:

  • The selection of land for a new home
  • Select a dwelling for purchase
  • Select a dwelling for rent
  • Feng Shui design of a new dwelling
  • Lay out the Feng Shui design for a renovation project
  • Improve the lay-out of an existing dwelling
  • Auspicious date selection

Our Feng Shui experts provide a hands-on approach not only because of the precision and accuracy of the alignment required to harness the most powerful benevolent Qi, but simply because we care.  Where necessary, we will work with your architect and builder to align major structural aspects of your home during construction.  

Boon was extremely pleasant to work with and gave easy to apply instructions with simplified explanations. Her knowledge of Feng Shui was extraordinary and made a noticeable difference to the flow of energy in my home. I recommend her wholeheartedly and thank her for passing on her wisdom so generously. With many thanks,

The Benefits of Feng Shui

When to Seek Consultation

The earlier a Feng Shui expert is called upon for real estate consideration, the closer we can get to creating the ideal dream home according to optimum Feng Shui principles. 

There is no standard Feng Shui that is good for everyone.  Depending on how a building is oriented in relation to its surroundings, and how the interior is laid out, the Feng Shui outcome for the occupants can be very different.  So, if the interior of a house is designed without any Feng Shui knowledge, the outcome and therefore the fortune for occupants, can be quite disastrous if left to fate.  

In the situation of a new built, we are often called in at the very beginning, for the selection of land. Certainly, well before the architects or designers begin to put pen to paper.  Bringing in Feng Shui advice at this stage creates the best chance to generate the perfect Feng Shui dream real estate.

In the case of an existing house, the best time to seek expert Feng Shui advice is to assist with the property search.  In this way, a Feng Shui expert can help the client find the best possible Feng Shui real estate from the outset.  

If you are already in an existing building and are considering renovating or remodeling, it is important to seek expert Feng Shui advice. Even if you are doing well in your existing home, any modification of the external structure or internal space can change your Feng Shui prospect in either direction.  To ensure it is for the better, seek Feng Shui advice before you draw up any plans.  

Even if you have been in your current home for a period of time and do not intend to renovate, it is never too late to incorporate Feng Shui to lift your fortunes.  Feng Shui is not static. After some time, even good Qi wanes due to shifts in energies, and your Feng Shui will need refreshing.  

So, the best time to seek Feng Shui advice is as early as possible in your planning, starting from : 


  • Purchasing Land – : before selection
  • Building your new home -: before architectural design
  • Buying your new home :- before deciding on a property
  • Renting your home -: before choosing a home to rent
  • Renovating your existing home
  • Moving into your new home
  • Improving your existing home

Are you going down this road?  Any time is timely. 

Feng Shui effects are immediate – delay is time lost.  Immediate action is instant gain.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

What to Expect

If the client already has specific ideas, we would like to consider them within the context of our Feng Shui principles.  Together with the client, our experts will draw up a Feng Shui plan for provision to the architect or draftsman.  During the building phase, we often get involved with alignment of the construction work.  Depending on the extent to which our clients wish us to be involved, we also assist in selection of colors and materials of construction.  Of course, the more involved we are in the whole process, the more we can provide expert advice to ensure the precision of construction and design outcome, and thus optimize the strength and power of the Feng Shui outcome. 

Typically, our consultation will take the following form:

  • Obtain clients’ brief
  • Survey the location and surroundings of the land
  • Orientate the property
  • Lay out the interior space, aligning the energy flow with the intended work flow
  • Early involvement with client’s architects and interior designers during construction to ensure precise adherence to the Feng Shui plan 
  • Collaboration in interior design aspects to harmonize the visual and the Feng Shui aspects.
  • Advice on selection of materials and items
  • Guidance on acquisition of positive Feng Shui features, furnishings, artefacts, colors etc.
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My dear Master Boon

“Congratulations on your ‘lecture’ at Darryl’s office on Monday night.  You gave such an informative and interesting talk to the group, and I am positive everyone present was impressed and enjoyed the occasion.

I confess I know a few basics about Feng Shui and I became certainly more knowledgable.

If you have an opportunity, whilst in Auckland, I would love you to visit our house to give us your appraisal.

Please contact me …

Ron Sang

Sang Architects & Company Limited