… Our lives started to change without us knowing. The 10 years that we have resided there gave us so much LOVE and happiness.

We have never been busier workwise, our social lives were upbeat and the children were doing well in school. It was the peak of our lives, in our 40s and we felt so energised. We travelled to many places and experienced many wonderful things during the last 10 years.

Looking back, this was never experienced in our previous homes. The changes were drastic and we are truly blessed to be able to enjoy the best things in our lives. We stayed healthy and fit throughout our years living here….

Master Boon, we truly appreciate your expertise and time in putting all these through for us.

Geomancy and Biochemistry make uneasy bedfellows, but that was precisely why Boon's readings worked for me. Beyond her credentials in the field of Geomancy, her professional background in the sciences helped to demystify an archaic ritual.

She has read two locations for me since 2003 - my office and my new home.

For someone unaccustomed to Feng Shui, I felt immediately at ease with her. You will find her quick grasp of your needs and her ability to apply practical remedies invaluable. Unlike other practitioners, Boon's appreciation of aesthetics results in solutions that work within a design brief.

I've always believed that many things cannot be explained by logic alone. For me, Geomancy treads a fine line between the spiritial and rational. It helps to work with someone well-read in both.

Boon was extremely pleasant to work with and gave easy to apply instructions with simplified explanations. Her knowledge of Feng Shui was extraordinary and made a noticeable difference to the flow of energy in my home. I recommend her wholeheartedly and thank her for passing on her wisdom so generously.

With many thanks,

Mrs Yap is a very professional individual who provided us with a unique consultation enhancing powerful positions in order to assist in building our business.

We appreciate her assistance and professionalism

Yours faithfully,

From Sceptic to Practicality

When I first learnt that my husband was taking a keen interest in Feng Shui, my first reaction was one of horror and disbelieve.

However, Boon patiently explained to me her reason and respected my reservations. Eventually she won me over and much to my amazement, my career started to take off about the same time I started sleeping in the position and using the door suited to my Feng Shui. As a cynical person, I was surprised to find that by using a particular entrance to my home and by changing the position of our bed and our kitchen layout, my personal life improved.

Looking in retrospect, things did not change all at once. But over time, the little changes all added up to a smooth career make-over. I achieved what I wanted in my career. So thank you Boon for giving my career that extra lift.

So glad to hear from you. Yes, must catch up with you when you are back to KL.

Boys are both in Uni now. Eldest son year doing HR Management and youngest son just entered his 1st year in University Malaya in Medicine.

Believe it that they still follow your directions when it comes to exams and important Uni interviews. Both are also very active in their curriculum. Growing up young fine man.

We have been very grateful for such wonderful and happy family. The boys have been on straight A in all exam from secondary schools to Uni now.

My boys always said it must be the FENGSHUI

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