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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the science and art of influencing natural energies (called “Qi” or Life Forces) in the environment that can work for you or against you.  Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is an original wisdom 5000 year practice for aligning built space according to the natural energies of the environment.  

Like the energy of gravity, whose effect you understand but not really “feel”, Qi forces never stop influencing your life, whether you believe in their existence or not.  There are positive and negative energies that surround us all the time and these energies manifest in different strengths, they can be either weak or strong.

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Where can you apply good Feng Shui principles?

Feng Shui is very much part of our everyday lives.  Each and every one of us has the power to change or improve our Feng Shui for the better.

Understanding Qi

Qi force affects

These energies affect different aspects of your life

How do these Qi forces affect me?

  • Physical – health and vitality
  • Material – financial wealth
  • Emotional – how we relate to our loved ones 
  • Social – how we relate with other people 
  • Mental – intellect, creativity, motivation, inspiration and intuition

How long do the affects last?

What you do in one generation can have a positive or negative effect on the next six generations of your family. Can you imagine how much trouble, pain and suffering you may cause if you ignore those forces or get them wrong?

What are the results of these affects?

  • Living in a negative environment can cause: 
    • Sickness and ill health
    • Financial loss
    • Relationship problems and breakups
    • Arguments and legal disputes between people
    • Poor academic performance, career stagnation or its downfall

  • Positive energies can bring you: 
    • Vibrant health – vitality and motivation
    • Financial wealth – career progression and business success
    • Happy  partnerships and family relationships – filled with love. A happy and harmonious family
    • Supportive network – both friends and community
    • Clear and bright mind – children excel in studies or vocation.  Helps develop foresight, inspiration and intuition

But isn’t that all just superstition?

Feng Shui is a 5000 year profound discipline bound by fundamental principles of Yin Yang, the Five Elements, and astronomical influences with complex formulaic systems to calculate the quality and strength of Qi forces.  Qi forces undoubtedly exist and can be successfully applied, although not all of the underlying factors can be explained.

Feng Shui is both a Science and an Art, it exists and works whether you believe in it or not!

Feng Shui is a Science (“Wisdom knowledge”) Boon – putting this in here, maybe not appropriate and will leave to you to decide that evolved from the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the material (??) and natural world.  Feng Shui is an Art as it relies on the skill of a Master to put into effective practice this Wisdom knowledge (connects with above comment and will leave to you to decide). 

Feng Shui’s scientific discipline is similar to some fields of Western disciplines that relate to the natural environment such as astronomy, meteorology, and climate change.  Feng Shui’s
Wisdom knowledge was gained in a variety of ways including observation, analysis, speculation and literature investigation where experimentation is not possible.

The Science of Feng Shui was developed through centuries of cumulative empirical observation, application and testing by ancient Sages and Masters to become the complex system and theory of the different branches or school of thought (traditionally called 派 pài) that we know of today.

The Art of Feng Shui is the ability of the learned expert to apply the wisdom knowledge to analyse a particular Feng Shui case according to the principles, systems and schools of thought, followed by the skill and experience to arrive at  the optimum solution to create wealth and other benefits.

Let’s consider gravity.  Until Newton explained the concept of gravity through his Law of Gravitation, no one knew about the existence of gravity yet we are all affected by it.  To date no instrument exists that can directly measure gravity, it’s existence is  calculated by an object moving in its space.  

Similarly let us consider radioactivity, before Madame Curie, no one knew about the existence of radioactivity.  Accidental discovery of radiation particles was by their indirect effect on photographic platesThe effectiveness of acupuncture has been doubted because no meridian lines could be detected, although its effectiveness in treating many conditions have prompted Western medical centres like the Johns Hopkins (USA) to adopt it as a treatment modality.  It is only in the past couple of years after at least two millennia of documented evidence and use in Traditional Chinese Medicine that Western science has been able to demonstrate the existence of meridians.

Many things in the natural world existed well before science proved its existence.  Science as a methodology only came to prominence about 300 years ago and until humankind devised a method for proving gravity, radiation, etc. by demonstrating or measuring its presence, did it come to our attention that these  things do exist.  Check expression as needs improving)

But isn’t that all just superstition?

So what do I need to do?

To understand how these Qi energies are affecting you and your entire family’s present and future health, financial wealth, love life and relationships, you need to find a master practitioner who:

  • Truly understands the energy of Feng Shui 
  • Possesses the skill to exactly calculate, and identify the type and strength of energies that are affecting you
  • Can provide solutions that will harness these energies to positively transform your life and avoid the negatives that are holding you back and harming you

Understand it’s been only a few decades since the West knows about Feng Shui. Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai was the first that taught the practical system with its detailed calculations and formulas in Europe, after he had amalgamated all Feng Shui from the different wisdom schools into one system. His client and writer Lillian Too then made Feng Shui a global household name.

Because Feng Shui is so powerful, many people like to make sure that they have good Qi forces and not bad ones in their home and work places. This created a demand for an enormous number of Feng Shui practitioners to deliver an appropriate service, which in turn triggered demand for Feng Shui schools to train and certify such practitioners. As such schools are not regulated in the West and everything is driven by commerce alone, the quality of the service delivered by their certified practitioners was and is very questionable.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 95% of the consultants in today’s market don’t understand or apply Feng Shui properly and therefore worsen the situation for their clients. You wouldn’t want to pay good money to get more financial, health and relationship challenges, would you?

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