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Master Boon can help with Feng Shui in work environments

We all know that Chinese businesses are very tight when it comes to spending money.

Despite this, they spend millions on Feng Shui and some would scarcely move a stick of furniture in their office without consulting a Feng Shui master. With their legendary caution in spending money – why? 

The short answer is that Feng Shui brings them financial gains.

The long answer is because Feng Shui has everything to do with the health and wellbeing of people (I will come back to this later) and this translates to superior work performance and ultimately financial benefits.  The Chinese have known this for hundreds of years, applying Feng Shui to places where people live, work, play, pray and rule! 

Chinese business owners will consult a Feng Shui master at the earliest stage of setting up, whether it is for advice on selecting the site for their business, to choose the actual premise, consult on interior design layout and the place to locate particular staff members.  Feng Shui is the businesses’ tried and tested way of getting the best out of their staff through providing a conducive work environment that ensures they are happy, stay and perform. 

But it has taken the West a long time to realise and yet to catch up. In recent years nearly all business literature in the West has come to recognise that workplaces that focus on the health and wellbeing of staff are more productive and more profitable.  

The realisation came from studies* in the US and EU that showed that office workspace layout was responsible for increased stress levels.  They have found that a better physical environment can reduce stress, improve morale, reflect corporate culture, reinforce brand identity, help retain staff and drive up productivity. 

Good office layout is central to the recruitment, retention and motivation of the best people.


(*) From research studies into the causes of office stress conducted in US and the EU

  • The American Institute of Stress found that workplace stress and accidents accounted for 75-80% of absenteeism with an associated cost of $300 billion in diminished productivity and greater employee turnover.
  • The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work found that workplace stress affects 28% or around 40 million workers in Europe
  • Workplace stress costs EU Member States up to €20 billion a year in direct health costs and lost work time
  • 60% of European workers felt that office workspace layout increases stress levels, with 19% feeling it “significantly” increased stress
  • Workspace stress has enormous personal costs in terms of; illness, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loss of concentration and an inability to make sound decisions, ultimately affecting wellbeing, morale and work performance

As a Feng Shui master I would say “Of course – what took you so long to realise this?”   

The research also found ‘there is a gap between understanding the need for a more holistic approach to workplace organization “that make us feel good” and its implementation in practice’.   What this really says is that the researchers know workplace organisation is critical for staff welfare, but they have little clue how to organise workspace to achieve health and wellbeing.  This ‘missing link’ is the knowledge offered by Feng Shui!

The growing interest in designing for workplace effectiveness in the Building Sciences has so far failed to reveal what the East has known for several millennia, the age-old wisdom of Feng Shui. 

Instead many of the top performing companies in the world now go to extreme lengths. There are break out rooms, recreational areas, open spaces and even places for people to take “power naps”. Is this universally beneficial to employees across the board or relevant to people in the more creative industry?   Do you ever wonder when these people get time to work.

If you think this is all a bit way out, there is a far simpler solution and that is to lay out your office or workplace in accordance with strict Feng Shui principles. This is guaranteed to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff without taking away from the time dedicated to their work and still deliver all of the benefits promised by the wellness industry.

The beauty is that in modern workplaces this need not be a massive investment. Most offices have easily movable partitions and most factories are open plan.  Large scale production lines are a bit more challenging so let’s take one step at a time!  But that is not to say it has not been done! Many may not know but Pfizer’s Viagra facility in Ringaskiddy, in Cork County Ireland has had Feng Shui done. How do I know? My father Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai was Pfizer’s Feng Shui consultant for the Viagra facility.  A single product that pulls in a cool $2 billion in annual sales by its tenth year is not coincidental.  It is when energies align. Of course, without a good product Feng Shui can still improve the situation, however with the right product and the right Feng Shui, it is the difference between your business soaring like an albatross or fluttering like a quail. 

The evidence is now clear that worker health and wellbeing translates directly to increased profit and Feng Shui can delivers this.   But don’t take my word for it. Come back full circle to Chinese businesses and the growing list of Western organisations big and small (link to Who benefits) that has embraced Feng Shui.  Get ahead of your competition and engage Master Boon

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Workplace Benefits

Depending on whether you are the business owner, management or an employee your focused needs may differ.  Notwithstanding, Feng Shui can bring forth whatever benefits you aim for.  Feng Shui brings business prosperity to the owner, engender leadership behaviour in management and superior performance in staff. 

But what is clear is that no matter whether you are the owner, management or staff, everyone wants a healthy thriving harmonious workplace environment.   When this environment is achieved, people will experience positive states of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and out of this comes superior performance.

The benefits of Feng Shui in the workplace can be any, some or all of the following depending on how well your Feng Shui can be optimised:

  • Generate peace and calm
  • Instil vibrancy and motivation
  • Reduce stress, anger, unhealthy competition
  • Foster health and vitality
  • Boost self confidence
  • Improve morale and wellbeing
  • Inspire creativity
  • Enhance positive attitude
  • Engender loyalty and respect
  • Drive up productivity
  • Enhance relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Engender teamwork
  • Employee retention
  • Inspire leadership qualities
  • Lessen absenteeism
  • Staff retention
  • Enhance career options and opportunities

What are these benefits worth to your organisation?  How many of the above have you managed to achieve for your workplace? What is your current workplace environment like?  What does it cost you or your organisation to stay with the status quo?

Feng Shui is one assured way to bring about the desired workplace environment for prosperity and success.  All you have to do is entrust Master Boon to activate your personal energies to harmonise with the surrounding energies, harness the beneficial forces, mitigate the negative energies and create the necessary shifts that will impact positively on everyone, to produce an energetically vibrant work place environment for you.

Master Boon can even deliver very specific outcomes, if you tell her what you want to achieve.  As an experienced Feng Shui master, she is able to selectively activate the desired energies including for a particular person.  Some of the Qi qualities she can bring about for example are power and authority for the manager of a section to command the respect from staff, cohesive teamwork especially if there is fractious infighting, alleviate the harmful energies that affect health, and even have troublemakers choose to leave on their own accord!

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Who Can Benefit

Good Feng Shui design can benefit all stakeholders in an organisation, from owners, to management and staff.  If you are a corporate entity, the owner can be an individual, a group or the shareholders.   If you are an administrative office, a healthcare establishment, an educational institution, the owner might be the government.  If you are a partnership, business owner or sole proprietor, obviously yourself, your partners, management and staff can from Feng Shui.  

In other words, anyone who calls a space their workplace where they perform work in return for a reward monetary or otherwise, can benefit from Feng Shui.  The entity could be a corporation, a manufacturing facility, a hotel, healthcare institution, government office, academic institution, gallery, any built space were people work.

If you are any of the following performing any kind or work, you will definitely benefit from Feng Shui in the workplace:

  • Employees and staff
  • Professionals and partnerships
  • Business owners, corporate executives and shareholders
  • Building owners and landlords
  • Tenants and occupants whether a business, retail shop or restaurant

Recent research indicates a strong correlation between the quality of workplace design and worker productivity.  A well designed Feng Shui space creates vibrant and harmonious environment.  This positive Qi impacts on the physical, mental and emotional health of the people working in the space.

Any workspace can be used to your benefit if you apply good Feng Shui principles – the way your space is laid out in relation to its surroundings and how you are aligned within this space have real ramifications on everything you do, think, feel and experience.  Properly applied, Feng Shui can always improve on your situation. 

When the energies are aligned to support workers’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, the implications for the organisations are huge.  Some of the better known organizations that have benefited from good Feng Shui design that are known:

Trump Towers, New York City
Coca Cola, Atlanta
HSBC Main Building, Hong Kong (Architect: Foster + Partners)
Bank of China, Hong Kong (Architect: I.M. Pei)
Disneyland, Hong Kong
Marina Bay Casino, Singapore (Architect: Moshe Safdie)
Hyatt Hotel, Singapore
Public Bank, Kuala Lumpur
SDB Properties, Kuala Lumpur

Mater Boon is your most knowledgeable source and trusted choice in providing effective lasting solutions to enhance the wellbeing for occupants in a built space.

She has provided advice to individuals for their individual office space, to entire organisation’s office needs over multiple floors with a single floor space as large as 1200 square metres and 75 employees.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultancy for your Workplace environment

When you work with Walk the Dao, you are working with one of the top Feng Shui masters in the world.  Master Boon takes the time to understand her clients’ business, their goals, plus functional and spatial needs.  Her goals are to provide functional and practical Feng Shui solutions that create the desired energies in a workspace that will lead to increased organizational effectiveness and ultimately your profit margin. She will work closely with you, to align your workspace to your organizational goals in a manner that is functional, creative and practical.

Master Boon provides an integrated design approach in her Feng Shui consultancy solutions that is in harmony with the building and aspects of interior design without compromising aesthetics.

When dealing with an existing building space, Master Boon acknowledges there are limitations you may be bound by and is familiar with working under such situations.  She is also familiar with working within budget and scope. 

We provide the full range of services depending on whether you are building, selecting, moving, renovating, remodeling, or just wish to improve your existing Feng Shui situation.

The best way to obtain optimum results from a Feng Shui consultation is to engage us as early as possible in your workplace setup at the pre-design phase of the project.  Because this will get you closest to having the ‘perfect Feng Shui’ outcomes.   If you are building from scratch, involve us in your concept stage, if you are already settled in your space and just want a little tweaking, that too can be done.  But realize that the closer to the final layout you are in when engaging Feng Shui Master, the less flexibility there is to getting optimum Feng Shui.

We regularly consult on:

  • Choice of land
  • Selection of a building for purchase or lease
  • Feng Shui design and layout of a new building and renovation
  • Improve an existing building layout
  • Purchase or lease of property

The Benefits of Feng Shui

When to Seek Consultation

Waik the Dao would ideally like to be involved as early as possible in your project. The earlier Master Boon can contribute, the better she is able to provide you with your optimum Feng Shui solution. 

Organisations that are familiar with the benefits of Feng Shui know to engage us from the very beginning, well before the architects or designers begin to put pen to paper.

If you are currently in the market to purchase land, a building or unit, please do engage us to assist with your property selection today!  If relocating, then engage us at the selection or pre-design phase.  Because different places have different energy patterns, by knowing early what is suitable to your needs and being involved in the selection process has a much greater change for us to get your Feng Shui right.  This way we can help you select the most energetically suitable place to optimize your Feng Shui.   

If you are renovating or remodeling your existing premises, engage us at the pre-design phase.  Even if you are doing well in your existing workspace, any modification of the external structure or internal space can change your Feng Shui.  To ensure any changes are for the better, consult Feng Shui before you draw up any plans.  It is much easier to change drawing plans than changing structural

Even if you have been in your current place for a period of time and do not intend to renovate, it is never too late to incorporate Feng Shui to lift your fortunes, Feng Shui is not static.  After some time, even good Qi wanes due to shifts in energies, and your Feng Shui will need refreshing.                      

So, the best time to seek Feng Shui consultation is as early as possible in your planning, starting from:

  • Building new premises: Before architectural design commences
  • Before selection of the building for purchase or lease
  • Before design and layout of a new building and renovation
  • Before moving into the new property
  • When you decide to improve your existing workspace


Are you going down this road ?

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Feng Shui effects are immediate – delay is time lost. 

Prompt action is instant gain.

The Benefits of Feng Shui

What to Expect

If the client already has specific ideas, we would like to consider them within the context of our Feng Shui principles.  Together with the client, our experts will draw up a Feng Shui plan for provision to the architect or draftsman.  During the building phase, we often get involved with alignment of the construction work.  Depending on the extent to which our clients wish us to be involved, we also assist in selection of colors and materials of construction.  Of course, the more involved we are in the whole process, the more we can provide expert advice to ensure the precision of construction and design outcome, and thus optimize the strength and power of the Feng Shui outcome. 

Typically, our consultation will take the following form:

  • Obtain clients’ brief
  • Survey the location and surroundings of the land
  • Orientate the property
  • Lay out the interior space, aligning the energy flow with the intended work flow
  • Early involvement with client’s architects and interior designers during construction to ensure precise adherence to the Feng Shui plan 
  • Collaboration in interior design aspects to harmonize the visual and the Feng Shui aspects.
  • Advice on selection of materials and items
  • Guidance on acquisition of positive Feng Shui features, furnishings, artefacts, colors etc.
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